Zamioculcas zamiifolia (Zanzibar gem)


The Zanzibar Gem is a hardy houseplant, which thrives quite well on neglect. It can be placed in areas with very little light, but its ideal situation is medium to bright indirect light. Avoid direct light as it will burn the plant.


The Zanzibar Gem does not require watering that often. In its natural environment, it can survive in drought periods. It’s quite easy to overwater these plants, so allow the soil to completely dry out between waterings. When in doubt about whether to water or not, err on the dry side.
To water, soak the soil thoroughly and wait for the water to drain through, then empty any excess water sitting in the saucer to avoid root rot. Depending on your room environment, your Zanzibar Gem may only require watering once every 3-4 weeks. Make sure to reduce watering in the cooler months and when it’s growing in a low-light room.

Temperature & Humidity

The Zanzibar Gem prefers warm temperatures and high humidity. It can tolerate dry and colder areas also.

Keep your Zanzibar Gem away from drafts of hot and cold air that can harm it.


Like any semi-permanent fixture in your house, plants need occasional dusting. To keep your Zanzibar Gem looking green and shiny, give its leaves some love; an occasional wipe with a cloth and lukewarm water. Prune any discoloured or yellowing leaves.

You can feed your Zanzibar Gem once or twice in the warmer months with a liquid fertiliser diluted to half the recommended strength.

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