Mirror Floor Bazaar Ant/Gold

Mirror Floor Bazaar Antique/Gold is a full-length mirror that offers a head-to-toe reflection of one’s outfit. This mirror also brightens up a room and gives the illusion of a more expansive space. Items in gold usually have an antique ambience. The subtle tone draws one’s eyes in and makes a great focal point in any space.

This frame is built with the antique technique of crafting with metal. Customers can let their creative juice flow on how best to position this mirror. Mirror Floor Bazaar Antique/Gold hallmarks a metal statement mirror frame intricately shaped and stylish for use in living rooms, bedrooms, or entryways. This mirror is inherently stable on its own or can be mounted on the wall with the top part leaning on the wall and the bottom part touching the floor. With a gold coat on the frame for embellishment purposes, its lifespan is lengthened. Plus, the gold finish gives the mirror a sleek appearance.

  • Material: Metal, Mirror
  • Size: 60×2.5x180cm
  • Weight: 17.40 kg


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