Mirror Bazaar Aged Copper

The Mirror Bazaar Aged Copper has a simple looking design which is not so easy to come by. This mirror is not only practically functional in reflecting every image which is placed in front of it, but also has such obvious versatile decorative appeal as it can be used to brighten interior decorative atmosphere in particular. It is made through the use and combination of two premium quality material components.

Made in a shapely form which contributes immensely to the aesthetic appeal which this mirror has, exquisitely made in a vertically oriented dimension which measures 60 centimetres in length, 2.5 centimetres in width and 110 centimetres in height. It can be placed on floors, tables, shelves, and can even be hung on walls.

  • Material: Metal,Glass
  • Size: 60×2.5x110cm
  • Weight: 9.70 kg


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