Mirror Arabic Aged Copper

The Mirror Arabic Aged Copper has an appealing shapely form which is perfect for use in elevating the decorative outlook of various spatial setting be it residential buildings, business environments, entertainment spatial settings and wherever else humans live or interact with one another. It is not only decorative; it is also highly functional in reflecting images.

Being the smallest of three similarly designed and appealing mirrors, this Mirror Arabic Aged Copper is not only portable in form and shape, but also chic given its delightfully simple looking shape design. The base is made like a square which however as it progresses upwards narrows and wind up looking like a dome. Supporting and acting as frame on all sides of this highly reflective mirror is the use of metal which is finished in the appeal of an aged/ancient copper in order to achieve that grand classic appeal.

  • Material: Metal,Glass
  • Size: 60×2.5x88cm
  • Weight: 7.30 kg


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